I survived my first blog


I may not agree with the person who said blogging is easy.  As I Sit at my amazing son’s soccer tournament over Memorial Day weekend pondering over what to blog about first with my head spinning and my gut turning, as it suddenly hit me upside the head. No, I wasn’t pegged with a soccer ball. I was inspired by an idea. Just be me!!! I know it’s cliche and cheesy with a twist of simple, but I genuinely think when you are real, honest, and authentic, it’s far more interesting than anything made up. So, here I am with all my flaws and fears, laying it all out for you to see. I am 41 years old who has dedicated the last 12 years of my life to children who I adore with every fiber of my being. However, I have been on an emotional quest to find myself again. Being a mother is rewarding, exhausting, full of fails, wins, and stuff in between. When a person spends every waking hour and some sleeping worrying about what damage they’ve done to there kids and how they are turning out as people, you forget what you like and even what your personality is without the title of mom. I know we censor ourselves so much because we don’t want to break our kids. I have learned to embrace the mistakes, not hide while you are laid out on the floor sobbing because you feel you have failed in some way. We are all similar in this adventure in life, and I genuinely believe we need to support one another and lift each other off that cold bathroom floor and avoid the judgmental thoughts that happen from time to time. Don’t get me wrong. There will always be haters in life, but we have to be stronger than them, and if I can reach just one person with love, it’s worth it. All human beings look for acceptance so much that sometimes we morph into people who we are not. Let’s stand up, shine bright, and not be afraid to fail.

I have so many interests; I can’t quite decide how to proceed with just one. So this website/blog is going to be filled with a jumble of ideas, art, fitness, fashion, and so much more. I like to keep an open dialogue with people, so feel free to comment and share ideas, concerns, and funny antidotes. I am all about humor and love to laugh.


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