Valuable Photography Done with an Artful Hand

I have listed a few of my husband’s vintage photographs for sale on my Etsy boutique.  These prints are precious and I’m offering them at a great deal.  The pictures will last forever because they were done on black and white silver fiber paper.  It is an art that hasn’t existed for some time and is now making a come back.  Be the first to own this vintage one of a kind prints traditionally done in a dark room with careful hands.  If you are an art connoisseur, you will appreciate the process and care involved with these quintessential pieces.  If you are just starting your artful journey in life, trust me when I say your friends will be impressed with your pallet and sophistication with this collection.  Stop by my Etsy boutique and remember there is more to come soon.  The original prints are signed by the artist and will be worth an exceptional amount of money fast.  Everyone likes a good deal in life, and this is your chance.  Don’t wait too long.

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