Calling All Dreamers

Whether you dream big or small, we all have something we hope to aspire to.  It’s inspirational to read articles about people who have come from nothing and are now crazy successful. If only we could crawl up into a cozy corner of their brains and pop in a step by step video of how they made it to the big time. Some sing, some dance, some create art, and some have a love of the written word. Whatever your dream is, we all have the capability of bringing it to fruition, but how? I have loved to write since I can remember. I discovered my true passion while taking prerequisites for nursing school. It really can hit you at any time. I guess you can say I’m a late bloomer. Recently I have discovered that dreams change and morph, just like we do as we age. It is never too late to start a new trajectory. Years ago, it was unusual to change careers at all within your life span, but now it’s abnormal to stay in just one.

Success isn’t always financial gain. It can be merely something that makes your heart sing. For example, I recently talked with a gentleman at a small little drive-through coffee shop who was friendly and over the moon happy about life. You know, the people who seem just to glow. He told me the story of how he had been a successful surgeon, but left that line of work to follow his dream of owning a coffee shop. To some people, it may look like a dumb move because he was a doctor, probably making bank. To me, I see a man who has found value in life versus money. If only we could all strive for that kind of bravery and assurance.

I haven’t found success with my writing, but I am continuing to try. I have several fiction books I am currently working on. It is a slow process for me. One: It is summer, and I have children. I adore them and enjoy spending time with them. Two: I am scared out of my mind. Being dismissed or rejected for doing something we love can send us to deep darkness, making it paralyzing even to try. It has caused me not to want to share this blog with anyone. Luckily, I have a dear friend, she knows who she is, who saves me from myself. I couldn’t do this without her and wouldn’t want to. Support is crucial while following the doors that open and close within our lives.

Kids learn from us even when we aren’t preaching from our soapbox. They have little eagle eyes that see everything we do and don’t do. For me, this keeps me on track. I want them to see that mommy can finish something and truly witness what true hard work can do. Success for me means so many things, and I hope it does for you as well.

I can’t tell you I speak from experience because I don’t. I am definitely someone who doesn’t always practice what I preach. However, I feel like we can all learn and support each other. The one thing I know with 100% surety is our dreams will not come to life if we don’t try. I have learned to talk to that fearful voice inside me by telling it “I appreciate it’s a concern, but I am going to keep trucking.” Nurture every part of yourself with kindness and patience and it will reward you in the end, I think.

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