Communication Specialist

In need of an article for a blog, magazine, or any kind of writing? You’re in luck!. Don’t think twice about a procrastinated due date. I work best under pressure with the utmost professionalism that will not only meet your expectations, I’ll also exceed them. I have yet to meet a challenge I couldn’t meet head-on. I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t juggle a multitude of projects. I fancy meeting new people who like to laugh and ponder the world we live in. I am a mother and have countless stories to share. In between writing jobs, I am a proud owner of an Etsy shop selling vintage clothes, artifacts and one of a kind art. You can check it out at I have two fictional stories in the making that I’m head over heels in love with. No matter what is on my to-do list, writing is always at the top of it.

Send me a note if you need any kind of assistance with writing in your life. I am open to offers and would love to help.


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