About me

Not unlike artists who can feel, taste, and hear color, words have the energy to influence humility and heal. Its content intertwines from a page giving us a burst we need to keep going at times. To share amusement within this arduous journey of life is a pleasure of mine.

It’s exciting when a door opens that you had no idea was even cracked, smacks you upside the head. Way back in high school, I would have never voluntarily admitted that writing was one of my favorite subjects in school. It was more of a closet situation. My mom would tell me I had a way with words, and I would dismiss her as I did with most things. Teenagers! I never processed that until I went to college in my 30’s. While cruising through my requirements for my nursing degree, a beginning writing class awakened my soul. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away, leaving me to drop the term. Not only did I not return to college, but I took on a terrifying project other than having my children, writing a book. To reward myself, I write on this blog, which I utterly adore. It’s a real co-dependent relationship.

Similar to the weather, a change in direction can be exciting, scary, and refreshing. There is a fine line between giving up on a dream and changing one’s destiny. I have many interests in life intern causing things to rattle around my noggin quite often. I like to meet new people and tap into new ideas. No matter our age, we should never stop learning from each other. There are no wrong answers here.



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