Now We Shall All Unite Egalitarian

My son Jadon is not unlike the snake charmers of the world, only he does it with humans and some animals. He is almost 13 years old and has such a unique soul that when you meet him, you immediately know he’s exceptional. With a brilliant mind and an empathetic heart, there is nothing he can’t do. He has many gifts within him, but one is writing. It would be worth your time to read what he has to offer.

Jadon wrote this poem for his 7th grade Language Arts class. ENJOY

Now We Shall All Unite Egalitarian

The squalor bleed into the emptiness while the greenbacks moral sublime

The lonely traveler beyond the perimeter to a vast shallow paradigm

Each soul reflects the other as separation burns the glue

For life is but a speck of energy reflecting off of you

The corporal diversity that divides in sovereignty

Capturing the stigma of change that explores camaraderie

Rebels elucidate with ascending disciplinarian

Now we shall all unite egalitarian

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