Review for bareMinerals Skinlongevity

Let me start by saying I used every last drop of Skinglongevity and would never admit to the embarrassing ways I accomplished that. It lasted me a total of 5 months from the time I opened it to the time I grievously realized it was gone. I need to say that I am turning 42 very soon and have the uninvited lines along with my eyes and some deep crevasses on my forehead. For people who are not currently using a regime of facial peels and Botox, this is an experience we will share. Let me take a moment to break it down.

Vital Power Sleeping Gel Cream is beautifully packaged in a glorious 1.7-ounce round glass container. Not only does it contain valuable magic inside, but the outside is just as gorgeous. You will proudly display this in front of all your other products.

This product has a fresh citrus scent that is inviting. It is a nighttime creme, and the smell helps calm my mind and transition to bedtime. It isn’t overwhelming at all, but to sensitive people, they may need something unscented.

Skinglongevity is not greasy at all. It has a light texture to it and goes a long way. One of the reasons I love this product is that it doesn’t take much to do the job. It gets two thumbs up. Once it is lightly applied to your skin, it feels refreshing and leaves enough hydration as you continue your bedtime routine. I always wash my face before I use any moisturizer, and this is the last thing I put on. It leaves me with a clean, refreshing sensation, which is how I like to end my stressful, busy day.

Skinglongevity price tag sits in the middle of the scale when comparing it to other similar products. BareMinerals run specials regularly and take good care of their customers. The customer service is like no other, and they go above and beyond to set you up with products that are custom to you. I am always trying to look for a good deal, but this one I would buy full price and have in the past.

Sensitive Skin
I have sensitive skin that has spent a lifetime denying me products. It’s been a journey. Never has this moisturizer left me with any breakouts or rashes. Within a few weeks, I saw a healthy tone and a vibrant glow. I have even gotten compliments and questions as to what I use on my face.

The night cream and doesn’t contain any SPF for that reason. If you are looking for a daily moisturizer, they offer a broad spectrum with an SPF 30. I haven’t tried this yet but intend to.

I am a label reader. I like to know what I am putting in my body as well as on. Nothing in the ingredients stands out to me as being harsh or unhealthy. The scientists behind this gem have mastered their craft.

I have been a loyal customer of bareMinerals for almost 20 years, and it isn’t because I’m a lazy consumer. It’s because their products stand up to exactly what they claim, and they care about each person. I will use these products if they continue making them. If you’ve read this review and are not interested in this item, BareMinerals has many others. Give them a look around.  You will be glad you did.


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