Have you ever felt like someone was blatantly laying out roadblocks in front of you, laughing as you stumble across each one?  I could almost see a gamer with a lopsided headset hysterically laughing at each harrowing attempt to stay on my feet.  Between my DIY project going horribly wrong and my washing machine aggressively leaking, my patience tank was overflowing all over my stained sore body with a few blisters thrown in.  I was about ready to break out the tub of ice cream and admit my defeat until my kids came eagerly through the door.  Could they have pulled their little lips down over there chins, giving me the what the heck did you do all day look?  Sure!  But they didn’t.  Instead, they gave me homework.  Yes. Me. Homework.  I was eager to tackle anything that wasn’t carpeted glue on my subfloor.

I realize my children do pay attention to my endless lecturing. Some of it does get through between all the massive eye-rolling.  As parents, we want our littles to become honest, charitable individuals.  My kids more than proved to me that I have nothing to worry about.

Now to the said homework.  I was asked to blog about an organization that is important to them.  Stop me if you’ve heard it.  It’s called The goal is to plant 20 million trees throughout the globe by January 1st.  Talk about an instantaneous way for all my problems to just melt away by paying attention to the big picture.  So to make a long story short, if you are feeling low and in need of a pick me up, or in need of a tax right off, or are looking for a new way to spend your coffee money, please consider this fantastic charity.  It’s a dollar a tree and is currently sitting at over 15 million.  I am entirely convinced every single dollar counts and will most definitely make a difference.

With all the climate changes happening, the out of control fires, storms, flooding, and the turmoil within our country, there couldn’t be a better time to start a movement of philanthropy.  Let’s prove that kindness is contagious and can spread as swiftly as the viruses that keep visiting my home.

Energies we put out into this world are the ones that encircle us throughout our lifetime.  Have you ever wondered why the most positive people you know have the most emotionally satisfying lives?  Not only do they look at the world from an uplifting perspective, but they also reap what they sew.  I’m not saying bad things don’t happen to good people, because sadly it does.  Giving without the need to receive is the pure definition of charitable.

My kids have shown me that instead of protecting those big sensitive hearts from the negativity in this world, we should wear them proudly on our sleeves.  Changes can happen, and we should all be part of it.



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