Cali Bamboo Came Through

I have taken some time (3 months) to write this review to be sure that what I was writing was fair and accurate.  I am writing about vinyl plank flooring I bought from Cali Bamboo from a sales associate named Allen.  Let me start by telling you a little back story regarding my flooring experience.  It has taken me about ten years to decide on a floor for my single-family dwelling.  Yes, I am one of those people.  However, this is the one time I am grateful for this indecisive quality I picked up somewhere along the way.

Lolli gagging around the world wide web one day, I came across an article on the dangers lurking inside your home.  One of the top offenders was flooring.  My paranoid mind took that out for a spin for a while, creating a fear of all vinyl.  I began to embrace my old carpet more with each passing research article, and I’ll be honest, it has seen better days.  Then the lawsuit against a lumber store who was selling vinyl with a green-certified sticker that was not green nor was it safe.  Of course, this stirred that pot into a furry all over again.  Doing my research and questioning home improvement stores, all I could come up with were products with a potential health hazard and a hefty price tag.  Feeling defeated and thinking there wasn’t a product out there, I felt safe enough to put in my home; the heavens opened and shined down upon me.  The name Cali Bamboo changed my life in ways I can’t describe.

Let me start by saying it is a green company starting with two surfers and a big dream.  Check out their story here  GeoCore fortifies each plank, a backbone limestone, which is an ultra-low VOC, and no formaldehyde detected.  They are entirely waterproof.  Naturally, I tested this theory out by completely submerging a piece of the plank into a bucket of water.  I am happy to report that after one week, the plank had zero decomposition or expansion.  If you have children and or pets, this is the floor that will hold up the best and the longest with the assurance that no off-gassing will be lingering from your flooring.

There is padding attached to the back of the board so that an underlayment is not necessary. However, it’s recommended with rooms that have moisture like bathrooms and cement subfloors.  To reduce the echo and have a softer, warmer feel, we ended up buying an underlayment for the entire house.  However, if you are on a budget and want to lay the floors without the extra underlayment, it is feasible.  It arrives in an accordion-style fold with cutting lines, and the pieces fit together like a puzzle.

With any project, there is a learning curve, ironic since the planks are as straight as aboard.  My husband and I did all the labor and ran into some challenges. None of which were an issue with Cali Bamboo or their product, but is more to do with the structure of our own home.  The old pad from my carpet was glued down and was more of an intensive process than anticipated.  Google ultimately failed me.  I was unable to find any advice as to how to remove glue adhesive from a particleboard subfloor.  I have the answer that will save your body (I was sore where I didn’t realize I had muscles)  and time with one word, grinder.  It’s worth your money to invest in a grinder.  We bought a DEWALT angle grinder from Amazon.

With having two bedrooms done, I can tell you with the assurance that I am in love with this flooring and will most definitely buy from Cali Bamboo again in the future.  Not only is this product a win with their affordable, hardy, beautiful flooring, but they are a green company with the passion of making our world a safe place.

I worked with the kindest sales associate named Allen, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with him.  Due to the number of color options, he happily sent me free samples so that I could be confident with the decision I was making.  He followed up with me a week after I received them to verify that I was happy or ask if I needed any others.  To top it all off, if you don’t have your mind made up with a particular color or style, you could lock in your sale price by putting down payment (100% refundable).  I believe this was done to ensure a sale price even after the promotion is over.  Not only did he give me a deal, I would have never received anywhere else, but he was helpful without being pushy and listened to every need and concern.

Let me be clear; this wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies for Allen.  Cali Bamboo was in the process of shutting down a warehouse and moving it’s inventory to another building.  Allen was quite literally chasing product over several states, and from what I was told, lost sleep in the process.  He knew how significant this investment was to my family and me.  Now that is customer service.

Allen made me feel comfortable with what we chose by going over all the measurements, and even congratulated me on my deal.  He knew how long it had taken me to find what I needed and went out of his way to come through.  Yes, I took over ten years to find the right flooring, but I am grateful I came across this great company with a sales associate that knows how to get work done.  Cali Bamboo provides precisely what they promise, no games or side hustle, and with knowledgable customer service agents, it’s a no brainer.  If ever you are in the market for flooring, decking, fencing, and even area rugs, give Cali Bamboo a call and ask for Allen.  You won’t be disappointed in the product, get the absolute best price, and have the most stellar service.  Thank you, Allen.  You changed my life.






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