I Have A Secret

Life is busy with definitely not enough hours in the day.  Who has good intentions on making time to work out but can’t quite fit it in between active parenting, work, and running endless errands?  Right?! However, I have a secret.  It’s a good one too.  You might want to sit down for this.  You can change your body in less than 30 minutes a day with two rest days a week.  There, I said it.

All of the life-changing information I have received is one click away.  https://thebettyrocker.com/.  Her name is Bree, but she goes by Betty Rocker.  She has developed an easy to follow program that I want to share based on how it’s benefited me.  FYI, I did not receive any compensation for this post.                     


You don’t know what to eat?  No problem, Bree has developed an eating plan down to an entire grocery list with easy to find ingredients. Don’t know how to cook? She’s got you there too with a step by step meal prep guide.  She even has a website directly for check-ins and inspiration with open dialogue and regularly posted workouts called Rock Your Life. https://shop.thebettyrocker.com/rock-your-life/

I know what you’re thinking.  You are unsure about committing to something overwhelming or unreachable.  Don’t worry; I was too.  That’s why Bree has created a free 30-day challenge to help ease you in.  Afraid to add one more thing to your ever busy schedule?  Yep, I felt that too.  However, she is always three steps ahead with a (15-30 minute)  full-body workout with no additional equipment required.  Consistency is vital, and with support from Bree and her highly skilled coaches, you can stop and Betty Rock anytime, anywhere.  With each session, modifications are taught to design a course directly for you and your abilities (any starting point from beginner to advanced).  

Here’s the thing.  We are all human, we get sick, we get injured, and we simply have situations come up.  With this program, you can be successful, even in the game of life.  No person is perfect, not even Bree.  She is the first to admit this. So when workouts are unfeasible, Bree still has your back with highly researched facts on staying mindful of stress levels, sleep, and nutrition.

In addition, health is not just about aesthetics.  It’s about what’s going on internally.  Your mind affects your habits, which affects your thoughts, which affects your health.  Your sleep affects your body to help heal on all levels (cellular and psychological), which leads to a more productive, creative life.  These are all invaluable lessons I have learned once I invested in healthier habits, including how I talk to myself. 

If you’re like me, your head spins the minute you sit to research protein powder.  There are so many on the market, claiming to be the answer to your prayers.  Let me be frank; it all comes down to ingredients and how they are processed.  Can any of them promise 100% organic plant-based protein, gluten-free and dairy-free, sugar-free, with no gritty textures and weird aftertaste?  You thought I was going to say no, didn’t you? Actually, I have, and it’s so magical; it could be made out of unicorn dust.  From the minute you open the lid, the vanilla strawberry scent makes you want to dig in with a spoon.  For the enthusiastic to purchase Whole Betty Berry Green Protein before you get to the end of this blog, I inserted a button just for you. Your welcome!

Knowledge is power, and Bree has covered all the bases.  She teaches you body structure, how to sleep better, and how to love yourself for who you are right now. Your journey is yours, but who doesn’t need a good mentor to help guide you with compassion and empathy along the way?  Nothing is easy about life, with all the bumps, bruises, and anxieties sprinkled in. 

Hold tight.  Bree just announced her new podcast, and episode 1 is waiting for you.  https://thebettyrocker.com/category/podcast

It seems as though I’ve spilled the beans.  Now WE can scream it from the rooftops.   

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